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  • 27% Drama
  • 13% Science-Fiction
  • 10% Action
  • 8% Thriller
  • 7% Adventure
  • 7% Crime
  • 29% Others
Hi, i'm Tonia from Cyprus and i am a big fyn of tv-series of all kind. Kisses
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Tonia1's Reviews
Watch Zoo Online Season 3 Episode 6
Yes, i can do it. It becomes better season by season and episode by episode
16 days ago
Watch APB Online
I love this show, not because its good, has complex story lines and super realistic, cause its not. In fact I find it predictable some times, and cringe at others. But here is why I love this show, its SciFi, not Syfy, SciFi doesn't need to dark and gritty Battle Starish all the time. This show is just fun, similar to Star Trek TOS, and those shows are lost in this day in time. Realistic or not, I like to see a show try and build a universe around tech that doesn't exist. The best way I can describe this show is Tony Stark Meets House, It has your typical problem of the week, you have your featured A story and B story, and then your over arcing story. The A story typically has the Main Characters working on it coming up with solutions after having an Idea looking at something simple. The B story is your side characters who solve a different issue but without the whole super genius ideas. and the Arc story spans several episodes. They seem a bit timid to actually start any real long arcs, I'm guessing because they don't know how fan reaction would be or if it would be on TV for long. Either way its good SciFi, and if Fox doesn't want it, I hope Netflix or Amazon look at picking it up.
a month ago
Watch Golden Boy (2013) Online
@SLMorris06 Episodes added :)
a month ago
Watch ReGenesis Online
There's something about ReGenesis... It's dark and mystical, and yet, it brings such fresh and amazing ideas! Combining science of today, and science of future, in such a subtle way. Everything is so well grounded. I must give respect to the science consultant. There are no errors or holes, everything is so logical and so possible. And so real-life dark. Actors and characters are all great, but my true fascination goes to director. Really fresh approach on light, on time dimension, on camera movements. Excellent job!
2 months ago
Watch The Carmichael Show Online Season 3 Episode 5
Hey, guys, i want to edit series that don't exist at the site, but i can't. If anyone can help me, just send me a message. Tnx
2 months ago
Watch The Invisible Man Online
Turning invisible had always been a bit of a childish fantasy of mine and I was excited to see how they would work out the show. It turned it to be a superb job. The cast, especially Darian is great doing exceptional dark and sarcastic humor. Also, the narration by the main character sums up things quite well. The writers have out- done themselves by not creating a show simply about the ability but other things as well such as government conspiracy as well as sometimes romantic sub- plots. The show feels real, and instead of resorting to a cheap unbelievable gimmick for the protagonist to survive, it still stays true to realism. One other great thing is the special effects, once Darian turns invisible he has black and white vision but it's extremely cool to see things through his eyes. In some ways, it looks like the alien's vision from the 1998 movie "Pitch Black". Some minor flaws include too boring episodes or episodes that simply repeat, but everything else is exceptional.
2 months ago
Watch Silicon Valley Online Season 4 Episode 9
galwin and malwin is the same people
2 months ago
Watch Ancient Aliens Online Season 12 Episode 8
Admins, please delete the account of galwin because he is severin and he is doing the same things
2 months ago
Watch Ancient Aliens Online Season 12 Episode 8
Admins, please delete the account of Malwin because he is severin and he is doing the same things
2 months ago
Watch Zoo Online
Without Apology: Just Fun. We are experiencing a New Golden Age of Television. But, relax, "Zoo" is not part of that renaissance… you will not be vexed by conflicted characters, charged with remembering convoluted back-stories, or tortured by the moral ambiguity of the main plot. Consider "Zoo" an absolution, a get out of high-minded television free card. In other words, bring a bowl of popcorn or a package of Twizzlers: this is "B" television at its best: nature gone wild on a global stage (without much gore, thus far), attractive actors, plot holes big enough to swallow a rampaging giraffe, and just enough suspense to bring you back. Having come to "Zoo" without any expectations, I'm giving this high marks for being just entertaining. I imagine it will tell its tale and disappear from our memories like those Saturday afternoon serials of long ago – in that regard, it will be very successful.
2 months ago
Watch The Strain Online
If you come in expecting SyFy this show is quite good and fun in that genre
2 months ago
Watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Online
Please, do not watch links from the uploader Severin. They are all virus spams. Tnx
2 months ago
Watch The Event Online
Same as others I can't believe this never got another season its superb, great original story, superb acting and its so well made and put together, one of those series where you think i'll just watch 1 more episode, sci fi fans will love this, a bit like 24 the white house side of it is done so well, with the president and his no .1 played perfectly, it felt like i was watching a movie with a massive budget most of the time, the flashbacks that explain the backstory are cleverly done, top marks to the script writers and director/producers ,easy to see why this won award/nominations, be great so see it continued at some point, don't read to many reviews and spoil the story if you haven't seen it, just watch it as good as TV gets
2 months ago
Watch Mind Games (2014) Online Season 1 Episode 5
For links, episodes, or series that are missing, send me a personal message. Tnx
2 months ago
Watch Mind Games (2014) Online Season 1 Episode 5
Here are all the missing episodes from 5-13
2 months ago
Watch Ancient Aliens Online Season 12 Episode 7
Sorry, sorry, sorry, don' t watch the link that i upload, i confused and instead of uploaded at s11e07 i uploade it at s12e07. Sorry guys and girls
2 months ago
Watch Breakout Kings Online
There is virtually nothing wrong with this program. The cons are likable the story lines aren't recycled and the idea is creative, it's not predictable. The relationship between characters helps you connect easily, even the Marshall's have a story that in some way makes them less boring and all for the rules. Makes them as interesting as the cons who come across well, they are treated as they are suppose to as they are violent, they are real criminals they aren't in prison for petty crimes. Which makes the whole story more interesting to watch and intriguing when it gets down to what they will do. Overall it has the right amount of humour for this kind of program and the right amount of action and suspense not to make the story boring and repetitive.
3 months ago
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